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Snowball White Cherry Shrimp

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Cherry Shrimp Canada is proud to offer you our line of pristine snow white Cherry shrimps. Unlike clear ghost shrimps these snow white shrimps feature a rich white pigment. 

These Neocaridina Davidi are our third generation batch bred selectively using Bloody Marys shrimp from their native home in Taiwan as well as various local sources around Vancouver, Canada. 

You will receive young healthy shrimps that will begin breeding after they get used to your freshwater aquarium water parameters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joyce Press
High Quality!

We ordered Snowball Shrimp to be shipped to us in AB. Two day shipping and we only lost 1! High quality shrimp, you can see it right away. Well packaged, with heat packs! We will be ordering again!


superb shrimp, very beautiful and in very good health. arrive in good condition, well packaged. we are very satisfied with our purchase. we recommend.

Dave sayers
happy customer

shrimp arrived all alive and doing great , WILL be ordering again soon

Merry Lancaster
Fun Little guys

My Snowball shrimp love to swim around, and don't hide often. They came well packaged, moving , with no molting in the bag. I put them in a tank with black sand for the shrimp to pop.
I hope to buy more in the future.

Robert Okuma
Unbelievable dark red coloration

With my black sand these guys totally pop out of the tank. These put my existing line to shame. Your shrimp are definitely a grade above anything I have bought anywhere in Canada.