Shipping Info for Cherry Shrimp Canada

100% Live Arrival Guaranteed Across Canada 

Cherry Shrimp Canada offers the lowest and fairest shipping rates in comparison to all our competitors. 

In order to minimize the time between your order checkout and shrimps swimming in your tank our packing team sends out shrimps on Mondays, Weds and Fridays. You are welcome to Tip (To Insure Promptness) and prioritize your shipping window. 

We always try to send the healthiest cherry shrimp, however there may be circumstances where the cherry shrimp don't make it. 

Please message us within 12 hours of the package’s arrival with videos of all the dead cherry shrimp in the unopened bag and your account will be credited for those shrimp on a future order. 

  • For ALL shipping there is a 100% DOA guarantee
Depending on weather conditions (such as heat waves or cold snaps) your order might be shipped on subsequent shipping windows to prevent the possibility of DOA. 

Please note that because we are shipping live animals there is always a risk of dead-on-arrivals and we do not offer refunds, by placing your order you have agreed to have read our policy and understood it fully.

In order to provide a live arrival guarantee we reserve the right to allocate shipping costs at the discretion of our packing team. Unlike normal packages shipping livestock requires careful consideration for each unique order and destination. For example, orders with larger number of shrimp (or longer destination) will require more water and insulation to keep the shrimps safe and comfortable, and this might not be covered by the cost of the shipping method you’ve selected at checkout.

Our team will try to ship packages using the method you selected (Xpress, Expedited, Standard, Prime) but we may downgrade the speed of delivery to ensure a safer delivery experience for the shrimps.

For any exceptions made on a case-by-case basis there will be a 15% restocking fee applied. The buyer assumes all risk of shipping livestock and understands the risks.