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Painted Fire Reds

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Our Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimps are very high grade with a striking red body, red belly and red legs. These are our showcase premier award winning caliber Neocaridina. They are exceedingly large and high quality. They are also our fifth generation batch bred selectively using Painted Fire Reds from Taiwan, Thailand and from breeders around Vancouver.

They are active throughout the day and can be seen grazing on biofilm, aquarium décor or the sides of the tank, hunting detritus among the gravel, and sometimes even mating. 

You will receive young healthy Neocaridina shrimps that will begin breeding after they get used to your freshwater aquarium water parameters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Randy Ross

Love the little guys there doing well. Looking forward to placing anther order probly this Friday.

Shaine Dennis
Great Little Reds

High quality & healthy shrimpies. I was even sent 1 extra on top of what I ordered.

Thayalan Supramaniam
Yes Baby Cherry Shrimps!!!

I have had my first batch of fry, yay! I am happy with my purchases and would recommend CSC!

Marcio I.
High grade shirimps

These Painted Red Fire shirimps are amazing. It,s high grade and healthy shirimps .

Great high grade fire reds

Some of the best shrimp that I have bought and plenty of babies in a matter of no time.