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Green Jades Cherry Shrimp

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Our Green Jades have been carefully bred selectively using the finest specimens from Taiwan, Vancouver and Thailand. Neocaridina cherry shrimps are scavengers, non aggressive and can be seen actively grazing on biofilm, aquarium décor or the sides of the tank, hunting detritus among the gravel, and sometimes even mating. 

You will receive young healthy shrimps that will begin breeding after the get used to your freshwater aquarium water parameters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Crystal Woelk
Great quality

Nice dark green shrimps. Some have a bit more of a blueish tint but already have babies. Very happy.

Yaolin Cai
Good quality green jade

All shrimps arrive alive and healthy,Ben is knowledge and helpful.Definitely will purchase again.

Jordan rowsell

Very impressed with my purchase, love watching shrimp do their day to day things, I am in Newfoundland and these guys travelled for 11 days with zero casualties!! Crazy!

Maximillian Wimmer
Wonderful Dark Green Jades

Purchased these for a mother's Day gift/birthday. Ben was very helpful and accommodating during the buying process. Picked them up from Edgemont at my convenience. Jades look fantastic and all of them look very happy in their new home. Thanks a bunch Cherry Shrimp Canada!