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Crystal Red Shrimp (SS Grade)

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Looking for Crystal Red Shrimp? Cherry Shrimp Canada is proud to offer SS Grade Crystal Red Shrimp. Featuring crispy thick white crust with vibrant red striations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Arrived alive & healthy - took awhile to get here but they made it.

Kristine Ellis
High Quality and Great Service

My order shipped to Ontario and all my shrimp were alive., which I was quite surprised that they could come this far. Packaged well. Still doing great after 2 weeks. I just placed another order with the company.

Kaden Doucette
Great quality

I am thoroughly pleased with my shipment. They came all accounted for, beautiful and in perfect condition. I even recieved a few fry along with my adults, which was a pleaseant surprise. I plan to purchase again.

Happy Shrimp
High Quality, Good Shipping

I ordered 10 shrimp. 9 arrived alive, and in good condition, with a thermal pack in the box during winter. After appropriate drip integration of home aquarium water, 6 have survived in a fully planted/cycled setup, and are now happily molting/running about.

Loki Kriese
Gorgeous and Healthy

Out of the 15 shrimp I ordered, 14 arrived alive and healthy and I was told I would get a refund for the dead shrimp. I acclimatized the shrimp per CSC's instructions and all 14 shrimp survived and are thriving. They have been living peacefully in a planted 20 gallon with a (docile) female betta. (Note: I would not normally recommend this combo unless your betta is non-aggressive and grew up with shrimp). The shrimp are always eager for their pellets/veggies and have kept all my plants and driftwood looking spotless.