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Blue Rili High Grade (AAA) Cherry Shrimp

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Our Canadian selection of Blue Rili Cherry Shrimp have a high grade solid blue head, clear body and solid blue tail. You will receive healthy young adults around 1.5 to 2.5cm in size from our third generation batch bred selectively using the finest Blue Rilis from Taiwan and Vancouver. 

You will receive young healthy shrimps that will begin breeding after they get used to your freshwater aquarium water parameters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Crystal Woelk
Pretty shrimps.

Nice shrimp with clear middles. Only problem is I received all females and none were berried so no babies. Guess I'll just have to order more!

Nathan B
Awesome Quality Shrimp, and Great Shipping!

Decided to order my shrimp online rather than source local, as the current supply local is poor quality and does not have fair pricing. Very Glad I found cherryshrimpcanada as the quality of the rili's was awesome. Upon receiving them I raced to get the bag open and see if there were any die offs due to shipping stress. NOT A SINGLE DIE OFF!!! After moving them into their permanent home after a 24 hour acclimation they are doing great!

Will definitely be purchasing more for another tank I am setting up in the future!