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Black Rose Cherry Shrimp

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The Black Rose Shrimp is the porsche of the aquarium world with it's sleek genetic expression of black melanophores resulting in a highly opaque and uniform shade with beautiful Black Body, Black Belly and Black Legs.

Cherry Shrimp Canada is proud to offer our 4th generation batch of black rose cherry shrimp with delivery all over Canada.

You will receive young healthy shrimps that will begin breeding after they get used to your water parameters!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Crystal Woelk
Amazing shrimp.

Nice and dark black with only a hint of a red undertone on a couple. Already have a bunch of babies since a few came in berried.

Merry Lancaster
Such beauty

My shrimp came well packaged and safe ( I ordered during optimal shipping temperature ). It was my first time ordering so I ordered 3. The shrimp were all alive, very active, and no molting in the bag. They were brightly colored, deep black, with a glossy shine, a beautiful addition to my tank. Would love to order more in the future.

Great shrimp with great service!!!

I recently bought some of these beautiful black rose shrimp and even had a bit of a hiccup with the shipping but the wonderful person who runs this site did everything in their power to help me get things fixed up and I got all 10 of my shrimp alive after a week of shipping (Canada Post delivered them to my neighbor) as well as my ramshorn snails. Super happy with this seller and will most definitely be ordering again in the future 🥰🥰🥰
My tank lighting is not that great or I'd have attached photos but they are truly black shrimp, any that I have seen in stores always have a brown tinge to them. I highly recommend this seller 💯%

Selina Thorberg

Very healthy and seem to be the toughest of my batch.

patrick bautista
very good quality! i love it!

I'm from Winnipeg and I must say they have the cheapest price for shipping compared to other online sellers. the quality of the shrimps is second to none and I highly recommend their shrimps!