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Sunkist Orange Cherry Shrimp

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 Our Sunkist Cherry Shrimp are a bright and vibrant orange.

Cherry Shrimp Canada is proud to offer some of the highest quality Sunkist neocaridinas on the market. They are rated AAA+ due to their uniform and crisp orange. 

We offer delivery across Canada!

You will receive young healthy shrimps that will begin breeding after they get used to your freshwater aquarium water parameters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christina Armstrong

So vivid, an all arrived alive, transitioned great! Just put in a second order

Incredible colour and arrived alive!

Received shrimp with incredibly vivid colour.

Genuinely the best looking neocaridina shrimp I’ve purchased to date. My only complaint is I was not able to reach their customer service via email at all. I suspect my emails went to the spam filter and it meant I had a pretty stressful couple of days.

That said, shrimp are in great shape! 10/10 would shrimp-shop with these guys again!

Gorgeous Healthy Shrimp! Best addition to my tank!

I purchased two groups of these guys and they’re absolutely stunning! Super high quality, and a beautiful vibrant orange. I’m so happy with them. They really pop in the tank! Not only am I pleased with how not only they looked but how healthy they are! They ended up having a bunch of babies after the first week. Thanks again Ben! Will only be ordering and getting my shrimp from Ben from now on! Totally recommend.